The SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator is an online assessment of a learner’s level of readiness for studying in an online or technology-enriched environment. The assessment quantifies the learner’s “goodness of fit” for learning in these modalities. Rather than being used as a gatekeeper to prohibit learners from enrolling in these types of courses, it is a diagnostic device to identify learners who may be at-risk so that the school can provide appropriate services for remediation and/or support. SmarterMeasure does not make a value judgment indicating that a student should or should not take the courses. Rather it informs the student of their strengths and opportunities for growth in areas related to taking these type of courses. If a student is indicated to be deficient in a certain area and then if the school provides appropriate remediation and/or support, then SmarterMeasure can serve as a retention tool by helping students succeed as they learn in the context of online or technology-rich courses.

This 40-minute video provides a rationale for the use of the assessment, an overview of the factors measured, an exploration of multiple ways that schools use the assessment, a review of research about the efficacy of the assessment, and views of the student and administrative experience.  The presenter in the video is Dr. Mac Adkins, Founder and Chief Academic Officer of SmarterServices.

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